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Sławomir Grabowy (1947) was born and spent his childhood in Kopiec. In 1961, he began his period of boarding school life. He attended the Pedagogical High School in Augustów, the Teacher Training College in Ełk and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk under Dr Borowski and Prof. Pietkiewicz, where he became a laureate of his first painting competition and a lifetime Polish champion of the University of Art in shot put. Practices graphic art, painting, drawing – draws with the knife, loudly – and occasionally poetry and prose. He held 31 individual exhibitions, including XYLON Museum Schwetzingen 2001 (plus Boxer, Popov, Voltz), SNAP Gallery Edmonton 2008, Sopot National Gallery of Art 2013 and 2018, Gallery of the Graphic Arts Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, NCU Toruń 2017.
Took part in almost 360 exhibitions in Poland, including over 180 international ones.

He has received 87 awards and distinctions – 2 in poetry competitions (Czychowski 2014 and the Laurel of the Red Rose Poetry Competition 2011) and 20 international awards for graphic art and drawing, the first of which arrived from the 12th International Biennial of Graphic Arts in Cracow 1988, and the twentieth from Bangkok Triennale International Print and Drawing Exhibition 2019.

He is a lucky man – he rubs elbows with the best people, does what he likes and is awarded for it (to quote a certain musician: “Awards? They’re the ticket to the first leagues. Without them you’re just a worker!”). He has two sons and lives with the same pretty girl he met on the stairs of his dorm many years ago. His exhibition “GRABOWY AND FRIENDS” (Sopot National Gallery of Art 2013) has been contributed to by 50 excellent artists from 18 countries, including Simon Brett, the President of the Society of Wood Engravers in 1986-92, who published “An Engraver’s Globe”, also with Grabowy.

He has been invited to 40 exhibitions, including “Zeitgenössische Europäische Hochdruckgrafik” – XYLON Museum Schwetzingen 1991, 1998 and “The European Contemporary Prints 1” – Kim Nae Hyun Art Gallery 2001. He values good collective exhibitions.

He has published the “Black on White” book of poetry and printed out his reminiscences, giving them to his friends and family (some of them published in Sztabin’s local printed media and Andrzej Waśkiewicz’s “Autograf”). One of his poems ends with the words: “and those you don’t remember / thank them / everyone / you’ve met / maybe it’s them who wrote your / first poem”.

His works are a part of museum and gallery collections in XYLON Museum und Werkstätten – Schwetzingen, Kim Nae Hyun Art Gallery – Seoul, Silpakorn University – Bangkok, Civic Museum – Cremona, Museum Florean – Baia-Mare, Cluj-Napoca Art Gallery, Museum Évora, Adogi Collections – Barcelona, Landsford Collection at Purdue University – West Lafayette, Historical Archive of Pancevo, Museum Prijedor, World Gallery of Drawings – Skopje, as well as ones in Gdańsk, Cracow, Lublin, Ostrów Wielkopolski, Bydgoszcz, Lubaczów, Jelenia Góra, Olsztyn, Słupsk, Gliwice, Łódź and private collections.